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Cal-Tronics Systems, Inc.

Our professional staff has extensive experience in a wide range of industrial modalities. Our engineering staff has designed systems for all facets of manufacturing, production equipment including electronics, electrical and mechanical integrations. In addition we provide;

  • UL Panel Systems - We design and produce complex custom control panels as well as the simple replacement of existing control panels.
  • Operator Interface Programming - Our staff has the capabilities to work with a variety of manufacturers including;
    • Allen Bradley
    • Control Logix
    • RS Logix
    • PLC-5/SLC500
    • GE9030
    • Siemans
    • Rockwell Software
    • ABB Robotics
  • DC/AC Drives - We provide replacement, or upgrade of obsolete units.
  • Board Level Repair - We offer in-house repair service for a wide range of industrial control components.
  • On-Site Service and Repair - Our highly trained service staff is available for on-site service situations.
  • Industrial Computer Workstations
  • Full Service AutoCad capability
  • Quality Replacement Parts - We provide quality after-market replacement parts for Confectionary Production equipment. Give us a call to discuss your current and future needs.

What We Do...

We are recognized as a quality System Integration facility capable of producing UL listed panels and systems. Our technical staff includes Electrical as well as Mechanical engineering specialist with extensive training and experience in Servo Motion Control and PLC and PC Networking.

In addition, our technical team has significant experience in such specialized industries as;

  • Printing and Corrugated Box systems
  • Laminating and Coating
  • Packaging Industry
  • Burner Control Applications
  • Tension Controls (Dancer and Load Cells)
  • Food Production Control Systems
  • Equipment Repair and Refurbishment Services

Our sister company, Cal's Electrical ServiceCal's Electrical Service, Inc., provides an additional range of Industrial Electrical Solutions that expand our capabilities to include;

  • Power wiring and Distribution
  • Lighting Upgrades and Repair
  • Service Upgrades
  • Machine Upgrades and Retrofitting
  • Plant Relocation
  • Backup Generator Installation
  • 24 hour Emergency Service

Visit Cal's Electrical Service web-site and read the history of both companies under About Us.

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Success Stories


Gum By The Ton

When Schebler needed a special order, custom production system for gum products, they turned to Cal-Tronics Systems. Our engineering team designed and developed the complex control system for a high speed production unit that has exceeded Schebler's original specifications.

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Custom Refrigeration System Controls Guntner, a Canadian manufacturer of high-quality refrigeration components for the industrial market needed a System Control Solution using UL approved Control Panels.

Cal-Tronics Systems was there with a solution for the custom UL approved control panels they required. Using state-of-the-art tools, Cal-Tronics designed and produced these panels to the exacting specifications required to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

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